Haidilao-Styled Bai-Yu & Tomato Soup @ Hai Di Lao 海底捞

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    Where to go for good hotpot in Singapore? Haidilao is definitely one of the options in everyone’s mind, if you have the budget for it. YumzYumz visited Haidilao, going for their collagen filled bai-yu, and tomato soup based. Here is our food review of it.

    For a start, we got half of each of the soup base of tomato and bai-yu. Tomato soup base was slightly acidic and subtly sweet. Their bai-yu soup base was thick, almost creamy, full-bodied flavour and collagen rich. So yummy!

    Next we got our sauce from the counter, served by their extremely customer-centric staff. We got their Haidilao sauce, recommended by them, which consist of these ingredients:

    Haidilao sauce

    Chopped celery
    Crisp soybean
    Minced garlic
    Crushed peanut
    Minced beef
    Thai chili
    Soybean sauce

    (we didn’t memorise them. The list of ingredients were stated on the side for customers to choose from)

    It was full of chunks of all the ingredients and quite enjoyable. Adding in the tomato base soup to it completed the concoction, into an ultimate sauce base for what was to come. We shall list the mention worthy items below.

    We got their signature beef, beautifully marbled and distinct beefy flavour. Seafood platter consisted of 4 meaty mussels, 3 tiger prawns, and 4 huge scallops. And at Haidilao, our prawns were of course peeled by their awesome staff. Next was their pork meatball, which were so tender and bouncy. We too had their Haidilao flavoured beef, which was EXCEPTIONALLY tender even though we had it over-cooked. Slightly spicy but so amazing.

    Here is our quick breakdown of the notable items. We did had other mundane items such as vegetables, mushrooms, finger food, etc.

    Haidilao-Styled Bai-Yu Soup Base : $15
    Tomato Soup Base : $10
    Signature Beef : $32, marbled
    Seafood Platter : $29, 1 portion
    Pork Meatball : $15, 1 portion
    Haidilao flavoured beef : $9, half portion

    At Haidilao, it is perhaps never about the food, as all the items seems to be extremely expensive… Rather, it is about the exceptional customer service, be it cooking the food for you, peeling the prawns, swift and attentive, courteous, you name it, you get it. We never EVER got disappointed when we visit Haidilao, well, maybe after getting the bill. ^^

    Our total bill came up to about $200. But with the experience and bloated tummy, it was a tremendous meal at Hai Di Lao that was definitely worth it.

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    Our total bill came up to about $200. But with the experience and bloated tummy, it was a tremendous meal at Hai Di Lao that was definitely worth it.Haidilao-Styled Bai-Yu & Tomato Soup @ Hai Di Lao 海底捞