Which Fish Burger Wins? Burger King Vs McDonald’s Vs MOS Burger

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    Which fast food fish burger do you prefer? YumzYumz got 3 burgers from Burger King, McDonald’s, and MOS Burger, each having its own uniqueness to their fish burger. Let’s dive into this fast food fish burger comparison.

    Burger King Fish Burger

    Sesame topped fluffy bun, with mayonnaise spread, followed by a slice of cheese and BK’s fish patty. Fish was somewhat dry on the inside, and felt really oily on its crust.

    With the thick mayonnaise and oily patty, it wasn’t exactly delicious nor off putting. Just a simple burger which doesn’t hold any exceptional points.

    McDonald’s Fillet o’Fish Burger

    Smooth fluffy bun with tartar sauce, followed by HALF slice of cheese, with their fish patty which was fluffy and moist on the inside.

    We simply love MacD’s tartar sauce, with the teeny tiny pickles within the sauce to give the extra bite. Fish was definitely better tasting than BK’s in terms of texture and oiliness.

    MOS Burger’s Fish Burger

    Bun was soft and fluffy, with creamy mayonaise, followed by MOS’fish patty, slice of cheese and finally their ultimate difference, mustard.

    Although they lacked MacD’s tartar sauce, MOS Burger upped the ante with a spread of mustard which gave the distinct taste and flavour needed to harmonize the other ingredients.


    YumzYumz declare that we prefer MOS Burger’s fish burger over the other 2 fish burgers, with McDonald’s fillet o’ fish in 2nd place. In terms of texture, to be honest, all 3 tasted somewhat similar, with just subtle differences. But the main difference was the sauces used. MOS burger came up tops due to their superior mayonnaise and mustard use.

    And there you have it. YumzYumz prefer MOS Burger’s fish burger! ^^

    If you disagree with this, do remember that it is our opinion. Food is subjective, and if you think otherwise, do drop us a message within any of our social platforms. ^^

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