About YumzYumz

Be it hawker, cafe, restaurant, fastfood or even items you find in supermarkets, we give unbiased reviews not only to the popular and big business, but also to the under-rated and small businesses. 

We do food reviews of individual dishes instead of a particular brand or stall, hence providing a more in-depth view of what you would be having for your meal.

We believe in good food with good service, hence the rating for service was added to our reviews. No matter how good the food is, attitude counts into the overall experience a diner gets. Imagine getting pissed with rudeness and unprofessional behaviour when a diner pays and expects a pleasant and the very least, non-rude treatment, even though the food is great.

Isn’t all businesses, including hawkers out to earn a living, if not earn big bucks? If so, attitude is the extra mile after having a great recipe for their food. If the argument for hawkers is being uneducated, the very least is being friendly and not rude.

Nevertheless, we strive to provide fair and honest reviews on what we get our hands on.

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