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    Yeongyang Deli-Chicken @ Yeongyang Bowl

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    Want something healthy and tasty while working from home? Try out Yeongyang Bowl’s Yeongyang Deli-Chicken. Quantity and quality in a fuse-free bowl of goodness.

    It seems like all of their rice bowl items have the same ingredients, except for a main dish. Comparing to their Huchu-Power Sogogi, the only difference is the protein item.

    A good portion of chicken chunks were given, all thoroughly marinated with deep sweet savoury taste. It’s inside were coloured with its marinate, which suggest it was had a really good deep marination. It was tender and with its flavourful gravy, it mixed harmoniously with the rice and melted butter from the corn on the side.

    Tons of shredded seaweed as topping on top of healthy brown rice, nicely boiled broccoli, baked beans and buttered corn on the sides.

    Kimchi beansprouts gave the needed heat to an overall mildly tasting bowl of goodness, followed by a marinated ramen egg in the middle.

    At $12 a bowl, it was a satisfying meal.

    Healthy Smoothie Drink

    We added a drink on the side to complete our meal. We got their Tropical Honey, which consisted of honey berry and mango, made into this delicious smoothie. It tasted light and smooth, refreshing and fruity sweetness.

    Nothing beats such fresh and rejuvenating smoothie, which cost $8 a bottle.


    In summary, Yeongyang Bowl’s chicken rice bowl and healthy smoothie was what was expected : healthy, filling and satisfying

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    In summary, Yeongyang Bowl's chicken rice bowl and healthy smoothie was what was expected : healthy, filling and satisfying.Yeongyang Deli-Chicken @ Yeongyang Bowl