Wake & Bacon @ Belo Cafe

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Brunch at Belo Cafe with their Wake & Bacon, YumzYumz explores their wake & bacon item and here is our review for it.

Waffle came piping hot, crispy on the outside, puffy on the inside, carrying a subtle hint of sweetness to every bite.

Right on top was a sunny side up egg, with a slightly runny yolk, garnished on top with freshly cut sprint onions, some floral bites and shallots.

There were 3 stripes of crackling crisp bacon, savoury and satisfying.

On the side was half an avocado, creamy and fresh. Meshing it into the crispy waffle was an absolute treat. To top it off, drizzle the maple syrup on the sides to elevate its experience.

Worth noting was the dollop of sour cream on the side which was sweet and sourish, providing an added boost in taste.

At the price of $16 a plate, it was definitely a visual and palate feast. Belo Cafe’s Wake & Bacon is definitely recommended!

Opening Hours

Monday11am – 10pm
Wednesday11am – 10pm
Thursday11am – 10pm
Friday11am – 10pm
Saturday9am -10pm
Sunday9am – 10pm


222 Upper Thomson Rd, #01-00, Singapore 574354

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At the price of $16 a plate, it was definitely a visual and palate feast. Belo Cafe's Wake & Bacon is definitely recommended!Wake & Bacon @ Belo Cafe