Truffle Cream Pasta @ Cafe Monochrome

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Looking at pictures of Cafe Monochrome certainly warrants a visit, especially with all their Instagram worthy images. But how is Cafe Monochrome’s food? We paid a visit for this food review on their truffle cream pasta.

Pasta was soft and nice as what any pasta should taste like, nothing special or intriguing. Ingredients added were more than generous, with lots of shimeji mushrooms, swiss brown mushrooms, and white button mushrooms added. The amount of mushrooms were almost equivalent to the amount of spaghetti. Its truffle cream sauce was absolutely rich and infused with all the mushroomy goodness, elevated with a good dose of parmesan cheese, and topped with fresh arugula.

Their service was great, greeted and assisted with friendly smiles and swiftly served.

Priced at $21 a plate, Cafe Monochrome’s truffle cream pasta was generous in their quantity with lovely quality.

Besides their black and white decor and cozy ambience, service and food were great at Cafe Monochrome.

Cafe Monochrome Opening Hours & Location

Tuesday10am – 9pm
Wednesday10am – 9pm
Thursday10am – 9pm
Friday10am – 10pm
Saturday10am – 10pm
Sunday10am – 9pm

216 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207749

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Priced at $21 a plate, Cafe Monochrome's truffle cream pasta was generous in their quantity with lovely quality.Truffle Cream Pasta @ Cafe Monochrome