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    Tonkotsu Special @ Shinjitsu Ramen

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    Sick of ordering food deliveries, we head down to Shinjitsu Ramen to tabao. We ordered their main item, which is the tonkotsu special, consisting of 4 pieces of chashu, 1 large nori sheet and 1 ajitama egg.

    First off, there was a 30 cents charge for tabao, but base on what they used for takeaways, we wonder if 30 cents was enough to cover their cost! 2 separate tubs for noodles and broth separately, and nori in a plastic wrap. So detailed.

    Soup was tremendously thick and deep with flavour, harmoniously enveloping the thin and chewy ramen noodles, elevating every mouthful with bites of tiny chopped scallions.

    Placed nicely at the top was a huge cloud ear fungus, tasteless but added the needed crunchy texture to the soft tender portions of the chashu and egg.

    Chashu were big but sadly on the tough side. Eggs were mundane and nicely done with running yolks.

    So for $10.90 plus 30cents of packaging, Shinjitsu Ramen’s Tonkotsu Special was amazingly satisfying even as a takeaway.

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    Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560332

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    So for $10.90 plus 30cents of packaging, Shinjitsu Ramen's Tonkotsu Special was amazingly satisfying even as a takeaway.Tonkotsu Special @ Shinjitsu Ramen