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    Sushi Shenanigans at Sushiro Suntec City: A Roll-ing Good Time

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    The Quest Begins: Conquering the Sushi Queues

    Ah, Sushiro at Suntec City, where the sushi comes rolling in faster than you can say “itadakimasu!” Picture this: it’s a bustling weekend evening, and we find ourselves amidst a sea of hungry sushi enthusiasts. The queue? Long enough to make you reconsider your life choices. Almost 30 people in front of us, but hey, we’re optimists with a sushi craving that could rival Godzilla’s appetite.

    Surprisingly, our wait was a swift 20 minutes. That’s just enough time to mentally prepare for the sushi extravaganza awaiting us. Props to the super-friendly staff who kept the spirits high and the crowd moving. Sushiro’s service is as efficient as a well-oiled sushi machine.

    Table Tablets: The Future of Ordering

    Once seated, we were greeted by the holy grail of sushi ordering – the table tablet. This nifty device made ordering as easy as pie (or should I say sushi roll?). A few taps, and voila! Our sushi desires were zipping down the express lane, straight to our table. Watching your sushi arrive on the conveyor belt is a joy that never gets old. It’s like Christmas, but with raw fish.

    Plates Galore: Sushiro’s Colour-Coded Pricing

    Let’s talk plates. Sushiro’s genius colour-coded pricing system is a budget-savvy sushi lover’s dream:

    • Red Plates at $2.30
    • White Plates at $2.90
    • Yellow Plates at $3.90
    • Black Plates at $4.90

    We went on a sushi rampage, ordering almost 50 plates. Yes, you read that right – fifty! Each plate was a mini adventure, a tantalising taste journey that left us wanting more.

    Eel Ecstasy

    The premium aburi conger eel was the surprise star of the show. Charred to perfection with a smoky finish, it was a bite of pure bliss. Who knew eel could be so enthralling?

    Beyond Sushi: Ramen Love

    Sushiro isn’t just about sushi. We couldn’t resist trying the tonkotsu ramen with egg, priced at $8.60. The broth was beautifully rich, with tender chashu that fell apart in the mouth. A comforting bowl that perfectly complemented our sushi feast.

    Sushi Highlights: A Symphony of Flavours

    Assortment of Sashimi: Fresh, silky, and downright divine. Every slice of sashimi melted in our mouths like a beautiful fishy dream. The uni was particularly noteworthy, with a deep, flavourful profile that danced on our taste buds.

    Braised Shiodare Pork Belly: This was love at first bite. The pork belly was so tender and flavourful, it could make a grown man weep. The braising process imbued it with a richness that was simply unforgettable.

    Braised Beef Strips: Equally magnificent, these beef strips were a flavour explosion. Beautifully braised, they had the perfect balance of savoury goodness and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

    Sushiro Experience: Verdict

    To sum it up, Sushiro at Suntec City is the sushi haven we didn’t know we needed. From the efficient service and friendly staff to the divine assortment of sushi delights, it’s clear why Sushiro is Japan’s most popular conveyor belt sushi chain. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a newbie to the sushi scene, Sushiro has something for everyone.

    So, the next time you find yourself at Suntec City with a rumbling tummy and a hankering for sushi, head over to Sushiro. Just be prepared to queue, but trust us, it’s worth every minute of the wait. We’ll be back for sure – sushi cravings don’t stand a chance against Sushiro’s delicious offerings.

    Sushiro Suntec City Opening Hours and Location

    11 am – 10 pm Daily

    Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #01-649 Suntec City, Singapore 038983

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