Surfside Satisfaction: Coastes’ Beachside Bliss with the Bacon Cheese Beef Burger

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    Basking in Beachside Bacon Brilliance

    If you’re a burger aficionado on a quest for coastal delight, look no further than Coastes, Sentosa. Nestled in the sandy embrace of Singapore’s sunny shores, this beachside gem serves up a burger experience that’s nothing short of a seaside symphony. The star of the show? Their heavenly Bacon Cheese Beef Burger.

    The Burgernation Sensation

    Picture this: a platter arrives, and there it is – the beacon of beefiness. The Bacon Cheese Beef Burger sits before you, flanked by a battalion of chunky fries. As you lift the brioche bun, a symphony of scents wafts up – garlic aioli, sizzling bacon, and perfectly seasoned Angus beef, together playing a harmonious tune.

    The Patty Party

    The Angus beef patty deserves a standing ovation. It’s thick, juicy, and seasoned to perfection. Each bite feels like a culinary bear hug from the grill gods themselves. The cheddar cheese is the supportive wingman, melting sensuously over the patty, embracing a generous slather of homemade bacon jam.

    Jammin’ with Bacon

    Speaking of bacon jam, it’s the real MVP here. Sweet yet savoury, with chunky bits of heavenly goodness, this jam is the secret sauce that takes this burger to the next level. It’s like a bacon confetti party in your mouth. You’ll want to take home a jar of this stuff, trust me.

    The Fresh & Furious Army

    But wait, there’s more! Fresh crunchy arugula leaves, thick tomato slices, and crisp lettuce, all sandwiched in, play the supporting cast. They provide a symphony of textures and flavors that complement the burger’s main stars, making each bite a thrilling ride of contrasts.

    A Toast to Perfection

    The brioche bun, lovingly toasted to golden perfection, holds it all together. The burger isn’t just a meal; it’s a work of art, meant to be devoured with gusto.

    Pricey Paradise

    Now, let’s talk cost. At $28 a plate, it’s not your everyday burger joint experience. But here’s the deal – it’s Sentosa, and you’re dining in Coastes, a beachside eatery with top-notch quality. So, yes, it’s a little pricey, but every bite is worth it, especially when you’re surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea.

    Final Breezy Bites

    So, in summary, if you’re willing to splurge a little and savor a burger that’s a cut above the rest, make your way to Coastes on Sentosa Beach. The Bacon Cheese Beef Burger is a treasure trove of flavors, a beacon of beachside brilliance, and a bite you won’t soon forget. It’s a paradise in a bun – definitely worth every penny spent.

    Go ahead, treat yourself to a burgerlicious experience by the sea. It’s the perfect coastal culinary adventure for your taste buds.

    With a hearty “oishii,” dive into the sea of flavors that Coastes, Sentosa, has to offer!

    Coastes Opening Hours and Location

    Monday9 am – 9:30 pm
    Tuesday9 am – 9:30 pm
    Wednesday9 am – 9:30 pm
    Thursday9 am – 9:30 pm
    Friday9 am – 10:30 pm
    Saturday9 am – 10:30 pm
    Sunday9 am – 9:30 pm

    Address: 50 Siloso Bch Walk, #01-06, 099000

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