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    Sticky Bones @ Morganfield’s

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    What to eat at Morganfield’s? We tried out Morganfield’s sticky bones, or rather huge bbq pork ribs for this food review.

    Glazed with a beautiful thick and glossy sauce, their own hickory bbq sauce, smokey and rich, slightly sweet and aromatic. It married wonderfully with the 4 gigantic ribs with tons of flesh on it that fell off the bone with a light touch. Flesh was absolutely tenderlicious with deep and rich smokey flavour, caramalized on the exterior. Fat ratio was perfect, providing the needed juicy element along with meaty pleasure. Simply yummilicious.

    Portion was huge and filling along with the amazing quality. Having said that, they could have served it on a larger plate, taking into account it was such an enormous slab of pork ribs. Fries and coleslaw on the sides were negligible as the bbq pork ribs was already so filling.

    Pricing for a lite slab is at $19.90, and for what we got was a half slab at $29.90.

    It was alittle pricey but considering its quality and great service at Morganfield’s, it was definitely a great dining experience.

    Morganfield’s Opening Hours & Location

    11am – 10pm Daily

    1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-23, Singapore 138617

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    It was alittle pricey but considering its quality and great service at Morganfield's, it was definitely a great dining experience.Sticky Bones @ Morganfield's