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    Sizzling Sensations at Botak Jones: Cajun Chicken Extravaganza!

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    In the heart of hawker delights, our quest for a legendary feast led us to the renowned Original Botak Jones stall. Brace yourselves as we delve into the savory saga that is the “Cajun Chicken Set.”

    Ordering Shenanigans

    Picture this: a self-ordering kiosk, our gateway to gastronomic ecstasy. The allure of the large Cajun Chicken set, a mere $15, beckoned us. Yes, the regular set at $9 was the sensible choice, but who could resist the siren call of a few extra fat fingers’ worth? Hehe!

    Meat Matters

    The age-old dilemma – thigh or breast meat? Our taste buds, adventurous souls that they are, yearned for the succulence of thigh meat. Little did we know, our palates were in for a rhythmic treat!

    Sides Galore

    A symphony of choices danced before us – Cajun fries, non-spicy fries, coleslaw, baked beans, or a side salad. Decision time! Cajun fries, for that extra kick, and coleslaw, to keep things crisp and refreshing.

    The Grand Reveal

    Curtains up! The Cajun Chicken took the spotlight, sizzling and grilling to perfection. A fragrant waltz of charred goodness filled the air, teasing our senses. The flesh, juicy and non-greasy, was a testament to Botak Jones’ grilling finesse. A layer of cheese, adorned with Cajun sauce, crowned this masterpiece – a culinary crescendo of satisfaction.

    Sidekick Fries

    But wait, let’s not forget the supporting cast – the fries. Not your average sidekick, these fries were seasoned to perfection with a Cajun sprinkle. Maybe it was the lingering euphoria from the chicken, but we found ourselves singing praises for these golden delights. Hehe!

    The Aftermath

    As the flavor symphony subsided, applause echoed in our satisfied hearts. Botak Jones had woven a tale of Cajun delights, leaving us with grins and contented tummies. The Cajun Chicken set had etched itself into our culinary chronicles.

    You can view Botak Jones menu here

    Original Botak Jones Opening Hours and Location

    11:30 am – 3 pm, 5pm – 9 pm Daily

    Address: 118 Depot Ln, Singapore 109754

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