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    Salmon Soba Noodles @ Columbus Coffee Co

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    Our next food adventure at Columbus Coffee Co was their soba noodles with poached salmon. Nothing beats dining in and having food served right from the kitchen. Let’s break it down further.

    The first thing that caught our attention was a field of furikake, or Japanese seaweed seasoning. It gets its savory, umami-loaded flavor from ingredients like sesame seeds, bonito flakes and dried nori. Its coarse texture adds color and crunch, on top of their nicely crisp fried egg. Its egg yolk was still jiggly and gooey. ^^

    On its side was a nicely poached salmon, with its interior moist and smooth, with subtle seasoning. A handful of richly marinated soy shimeji added another dimension of flavour that attacks the senses. Together with perfectly blanched buckwheat noodles, it was a dish with visual beauty.

    On the side was a condiment made with cilangro-lime and nori strips mixed in yoghurt, adding a needed acidic and alkaline balanced taste.

    Quite costly at $19.30 a plate, but its quality and quantity was definitely justifiable.

    Columbus Coffee Co Opening Hours

    Mon to Sat: 9am – 10pm
    Sun: 9am – 7pm

    Columbus Coffee Co Location

    220 Upper Thomson Rd, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore 574352

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    Quite costly at $19.30 a plate, but its quality and quantity was definitely justifiable.Salmon Soba Noodles @ Columbus Coffee Co