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    Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La’s Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice

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    In the heart of Ang Mo Kio, amidst the bustling atmosphere of block 347’s coffee shops, lies a gem known for its mouth-watering offerings. We embarked on a flavourful expedition to Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La, drawn by the allure of their roasted duck and char siew rice. This food review dives into the intricacies of their dish, exploring the symphony of tastes and textures that make it a must-try for any food enthusiast.

    A Feast for the Senses

    As we approached the stall, the aroma of roasting meat wafted through the air, setting the stage for what was to come. Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La prides itself on its roasted duck and char siew rice, and we were eager to see if the dish lived up to its reputation.

    The Roasted Duck: A Tenderlicious Delight

    The roasted duck was the first to capture our attention. Chunky, yet tender, each piece was a testament to the skill and care put into its preparation. The skin was savoury and crisp, enveloped in a smokey flavour that was both enticing and delightful. Marinated to perfection, the duck was not just food; it was an experience, one that danced on the palate with every bite.

    Char Siew: Sweet and Uniquely Charred

    Next came the char siew, which presented an intriguing contrast. Sweet and nicely charred, its slightly squashed appearance did little to detract from its taste. Though not the most tender char siew we’ve encountered, it harmonised beautifully with the rice and gravy. The combination of flavours was a testament to the culinary prowess of Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La.

    The Accompaniments: A Mixed Bag

    While the chili sauce was somewhat mundane, offering the usual spicy kick without much to set it apart, the soup left us puzzled. Its deep colour promised a rich flavour, but its strange consistency and taste, reminiscent of red beans, were baffling. However, not even the soup could detract from the overall enjoyment of the meal.

    Value for Money: A Satisfying Meal at $5

    For a mere $5, the portion of rice and meat provided by Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La was not just sufficient; it was generously filling. Despite the soup’s puzzling nature, the meal stood out as a culinary highlight, offering a delicious and satisfying experience that far exceeded our expectations.

    In Conclusion

    Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La’s roasted duck and char siew rice is more than just a meal; it’s a journey through the flavours and textures that define Singapore’s rich culinary landscape. It’s a reminder of the simple joy that good food can bring, served with care and skill in the heart of Ang Mo Kio.

    Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La Opening Hours & Location

    Monday9:30am – 8pm
    Wednesday9:30am – 8pm
    Thursday9:30am – 8pm
    Friday9:30am – 8pm
    Saturday9:30am – 8pm
    Sunday9:30am – 8pm

    Address: 347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560345

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    For $5 a plate of such offering at Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La, their roasted duck and char siew rice were nice and pleasantly filling.Diao Ji Gang Shi Shao La's Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice