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    Oxtail Stew @ Shashlik Restaurant

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    Located within Far East Shopping Centre, YumzYumz visited Shashlik Restaurant and tried out their Oxtail Stew. Here is our food review for on of their signature items.

    Listed on their menu as 36-hour slow braised stew, served with toasted baguette. Meaty chunks of delicate oxtail was served along some wedges of broccoli and 2 slices of toasty buttered baguette slices.

    Flesh of the oxtail chunks were absolutely tender and bursting with savouriness and flavour. Gravy that came along was remarkably thick and full of richness.

    Priced at $38, Shashlik Restaurant’s Oxtail Stew is definitely one item you need to try on your next visit to them.

    Do note that there is no dress code, as slippers and bermudas are allowed as it is a family friendly restaurant. Just do not wear revealing clothes or inappropriate dressing.

    Opening Hours

    Tuesday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm
    Wednesday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm
    Thursday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm
    Friday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm
    Saturday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm
    Sunday12 – 2pm, 6 – 9pm


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    Priced at $38, Shashlik Restaurant's Oxtail Stew is definitely one item you should try out on your next visit to them.Oxtail Stew @ Shashlik Restaurant