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    Orchard Plaza Nasi Lemak: A Nighttime Delight at La Pona Snack Bar

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    Nestled within vibrant Orchard Plaza, a hidden gem awaits late-night food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Malaysian delight. La Pona Snack Bar, a humble hawker stall with a longstanding legacy, serves up a delectable feast that captures the essence of traditional nasi lemak. With enticing flavors and generous portions, this unassuming eatery has garnered a loyal following among nocturnal diners.

    Ambiance and Location

    Situated amidst Orchard Plaza’s eclectic mix of establishments, La Pona Snack Bar enjoys a unique setting. Adjacent to a lively Thai disco, the stall offers a front-row seat to the vibrant street scene. While skimpy dressed ladies occasionally pass by, the focus remains on the gastronomic delights within.

    The Nasi Lemak Experience

    Priced at $11.80, La Pona Snack Bar’s nasi lemak platter is a feast for the senses. It includes a deep-fried fish fillet, thick luncheon meat slice, crispy hotdog, flavorful otah, gooey fried egg infused with dark soy sauce, seasoned chicken wing, and crunchy ikan bilis. The rice stands out with its subtle coconut fragrance and delightful grainy texture, evoking the simplicity and flavors of bygone eras.

    Flavorful Highlights

    YumzYumz describes La Pona Snack Bar’s nasi lemak as traditional, rather than “old school,” honoring the roots and simplicity of the dish. The thick, rich chili sauce perfectly complements the rice, adding a unique touch to every bite. Each element of the platter is thoughtfully prepared, allowing the high-quality ingredients to shine.

    The chicken wing, a perennial favorite, impresses with its irresistible combination of crispy skin and juicy meat. Seasoned with a hint of ginger fragrance and the right amount of salt, it offers a delightful balance of flavors. While other items on the platter are straightforward, their simplicity enhances the overall experience, taking diners on a nostalgic journey to the authenticity of nasi lemak.

    Service and Atmosphere

    La Pona Snack Bar exudes a cozy, intimate ambiance with its small size and eight counter-style seats. Friendly and attentive service adds to the dining experience, making patrons feel at home. Since the 1980s, the stall has been a beloved fixture, preserving the traditions and flavors of nasi lemak.


    For a satisfying late-night meal in Orchard Plaza, don’t miss La Pona Snack Bar’s nasi lemak. With generous portions, traditional flavors, and friendly service, it offers a taste of the past in the present. Experience the legacy of traditional nasi lemak in this culinary gem, where the essence of tradition continues to thrive and delight taste buds.

    La Pona Opening Hours and Location

    Monday10 pm – 3 am
    Tuesday10 pm – 4 am
    Wednesday10 pm – 4 am
    Thursday10 pm – 4 am
    Friday10 pm – 4 am
    Saturday10 pm – 4 am

    Address: 150 Orchard Rd, #04-53 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841

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    Experience authentic nasi lemak at La Pona Snack Bar in Orchard Plaza. Generous portions, traditional flavors, and friendly service await!Orchard Plaza Nasi Lemak: A Nighttime Delight at La Pona Snack Bar