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    Review of Nissin’s Limited Edition Fish Head Curry Cup Noodles

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    We recently purchased the limited edition Fish Head Curry flavoured cup noodles by Nissin from Don Don Donki. In this food review, we’ll delve into the taste and overall experience of this intriguing flavour. Priced at $1.50, these noodles maintain the standard size and proportion typical of Nissin’s range. The noodles themselves retain their characteristic springiness, typical of instant noodles.

    Nissin markets this flavour as “Stewed fish umami in aromatic spices.” True to their word, the soup—a blend of the included paste and powder—was rich, with a robust flavour that delivered a strong kick. It was spicy with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste and a subtle acidic note. The ingredients, though the usual rehydrated fare, included taupok and some cabbage, contributing to the overall heartiness.

    The taste of Nissin’s Fish Head Curry was impressively satisfying for an instant noodle product, making it a perfect choice for any time of the day.

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    Nissin's fish head curry's taste was profoundly satisfying for an instant noodle product, suitable for anytime of the day. ^^ Review of Nissin's Limited Edition Fish Head Curry Cup Noodles