Changi Famous Nasi Lemak: East Side Delights in a Plate

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    Nestled amidst the bustling stalls of Changi Village Hawker Centre, Changi Famous Nasi Lemak beckons with the promise of a taste adventure that sets your taste buds alight. YumzYumz embarked on a flavorful quest to sample their renowned Nasi Lemak, a quintessential Singaporean dish that’s both beloved and flavorful. In this light-hearted and honest review, we dish out the juicy details of our gastronomic experience.

    A Plateful of Pleasure: Set 5 Nasi Lemak

    At Changi Famous Nasi Lemak, we opted for the tantalizing Set 5 Nasi Lemak, a hearty ensemble of flavors that paints a vivid picture of East Side indulgence. This sumptuous set includes fragrant rice, crispy fried chicken, a fried egg, otah, begedil, and sambal chili.

    Fluffy Coconut Rice: The Heart of the Feast

    The nasi lemak’s heart and soul lie in the rice, and Changi Famous Nasi Lemak doesn’t disappoint. The rice is pure fluffy perfection, infused with a mild pandan and coconut fragrance that tickles your senses. It’s subtly seasoned, striking the right balance between flavors and textures. Neither mushy nor lumpy, it sets the stage for what’s to come.

    Spicy & Sweet Sambal Chilli: The Magic Elixir

    A generous drizzle of their sambal chili elevates the coconut rice to new heights. It’s a magical blend of spicy and sweet, creating a symphony of flavors that dances on your palate. The spiciness doesn’t overpower, allowing the sweetness to complete the full nasi lemak experience.

    Crispy & Savory Fried Chicken: Crunch with a Twist

    The crispy fried chicken is a star in its own right. A generously sized, meaty chicken wing boasts an ultra-crispy exterior that adds the essential crunch factor to the dish. The battered bits carry a subtle turmeric flavor, not overly greasy, and deliver a satisfying savory punch. Despite the deep-frying, the inner flesh remains juicy, tender, and beautifully marinated.

    Fried Egg: A Missed Opportunity

    Regrettably, the fried egg falls short of expectations. It’s overcooked and rock hard, lacking the luscious runny yolk that could have elevated the dish.

    Ikan Bilis and Crispy Bits: A Pleasant Surprise

    The ikan bilis, mixed with the same batter as the chicken wing, is a delightful addition. Though slightly oily, it combines harmoniously with the sambal chili and rice, offering a crunchy, savory treat.

    Mushy Oily Begedil: A Letdown

    In the begedil department, disappointment lingers. The taste is underwhelming, dominated by oiliness and potato. It feels like a mashed-up french fry with a pinch of salt. Adding more celery or fried shallots could give it the much-needed oomph.

    Improvements Needed Otah: A Lukewarm Affair

    For otah lovers, the experience here might be a bit lukewarm. The otah is extremely mushy, lacking the desired texture and bite.

    Conclusion: Worth the Visit for a Hearty Feast

    At just $5, Changi Famous Nasi Lemak’s Set 5 Nasi Lemak offers a satisfying, wallet-friendly feast, considering its rich variety of ingredients. The real stars here are the rice and sambal chili, harmoniously blending flavors and textures. The crispy fried chicken deserves applause, while the egg, begedil, and otah need some tweaking. All in all, a visit to Changi Famous Nasi Lemak on the East Side is a flavorful adventure that’s well worth the trip. It may not be perfect, but it’s a taste of the East you won’t want to miss!

    Changi Famous Nasi Lemak Opening Hours and Location

    24 hours Daily

    Address: 2 Changi Village Rd, #01-28, Singapore 500002

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