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    Nanyang Lor Mee: A Delicious Take on Red Snapper Lor Mee

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    If you’re in the mood for some lip-smacking lor mee, Nanyang Lor Mee in Ang Mo Kio central is definitely worth a visit. We tried their red snapper lor mee and were blown away by its scrumptious flavours.

    The gravy was the highlight of the dish – thick, velvety, and bursting with taste. As we lifted the noodles, the dense gravy flowed down like honey, making our mouths water. Topped with chunks and flakes of red snapper, the dish had a subtly sweet and savoury taste. The braised pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender and delicious. And let’s not forget the other ingredients – a halved braised egg and a slice of crunchy deep-fried yam – that added an extra layer of flavour and texture to the dish.

    What we loved about Nanyang Lor Mee was the generous portions and warm service. The auntie who served us was friendly and helped us choose the right lor mee for our taste buds.

    At just $5 a bowl, the red snapper lor mee at Nanyang Lor Mee was a steal. We highly recommend this stall to anyone looking for a memorable and satisfying lor mee experience.

    Nanyang Lor Mee Location

    724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #6, Singapore 560724

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    At $5 a bowl of memorable and irresistible lor mee at Nanyang Lor Mee, it is one stall we will definitely return for more. Nanyang Lor Mee: A Delicious Take on Red Snapper Lor Mee