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    Michelin Star Bak Chor Mee @ Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

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    We head down to Crawford Lane during lunch time for 1 Michelin Star bak chor mee (minced meat noodles). Caveat to reading on, this is YumzYumz opinion and ours alone. You can oppose or air your opinions in the comments section. ^^

    We arrived at block 466 at 12.05pm, and there were already 16 customers ahead of us, and it took 1hour 4minutes until it was our turn to get our food. Having appeared in 2016 Michelin Guide, it has to be good.

    For pricing, it goes from $6, $8 to $10 for their noodles, fried tee poh, seaweed soup, meatball soup. Frankly… $6 or even $10 for seaweed soup? No thanks. We went with the small seaweed soup that came with the noodles.

    We got a small $6 mee kia, and small $6 tee poh. Let’s break it down from here.

    Tee Poh (dried sole fish)

    For every bowl of noodles, large chunks of tee poh were provided. At $6 for small bowl of tee poh, it just ain’t worth it. No doubt it was cruncky, smokey and deep umami flavour, it is better to get another bowl of noodles with that price.

    Noodles and sauce

    Mee kia was cooked al dente, not too soggy nor tough, holding its sauce really nicely. However, their sauce concoction was mostly black vinegar. If there were any other sauces, sadly, all were totally obscured by the acidic and strong vinegar.

    Pork, Dumpling, and Stuff

    Pork dumpling had quite a generous filling, but with all the black vinegar, it rendered virtually no other taste but black vinegar. Pork liver were soft and delicate, not overcooked not under, which was really satisfying. Pork slices were tender and again, covered entirely by the black vinegar. Pork ball was mundane and incidental. Minced pork were fluffy, good proportion of fatty and lean meat, nicely done.

    Seaweed Soup

    With the seaweed added, thick and rich soup such as Tai Hwa’s gets an added layer of flavour, enhancing its flavour and aroma, with subtle hints of tee poh.


    We did noticed that noodles were weighed before it was blanched, which is part of how it got it’s Michelin status. However ingredients were definitely not weighed as they were picked cold from the sides with no measurement. Speed was EXTREMELY slow considering the number of orders vs time spent.

    Was the taste exceptional? Definitely not. Was the 1 hour wait worth it? Definitely not. There are other hawkers that serve way better than this.

    At such pricing and mediocre bak chor mee, it was nice but not to the point where we would spend another hour queueing for.

    Opening Hours

    Monday1st and 3rd Mondays close
    Tuesday9:30am – 8.30pm
    Wednesday9:30am – 8.30pm
    Thursday9:30am – 8.30pm
    Friday9:30am – 8.30pm
    Saturday9:30am – 8.30pm
    Sunday9:30am – 8.30pm


    466 Crawford Ln, #01-12, Singapore 190466

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    At such pricing and mediocre bak chor mee, we would not be spending another hour queueing. Michelin Star Bak Chor Mee @ Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle