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    Korean Topokki Buffet @ Dookki

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    Korean hotpot with a cheesy side to go along with your hotpot stuff, we headed down to Dookki for their Korean steamboat for this food review.

    One of the main draw for Dookki’s hotpot for us was definitely the alluring cheesy stuff on the side to go along with their steamboat stuff. It comes at a price of $9.80++, called double cheese ring. It was blow torched on the top for the extra crusty caramalized cheesy delight. Ingredients were the usual of chicken luncheon meat, chicken, clams, noodles, sausages, mushrooms, veggies, etc.

    A couple of interesting items were their fish cake noodles, and fish cake skewers. Fish cake noodles were, well, fish cake shaped into noodle shape, chewy and springy, savoury and delicious that went well with their kimchi soup base. Soup base was spicy and held a good punch of zing to it. Simply enjoyable. Fish cake skewer was made up of flat fishcakes, compressed into skewers for the easy bite enjoyment. A few ready to eat fried items that we absolutely enjoyed were their honey soy fried chicken and yangnyeom fried chicken. In fact, we won’t be surprised if some patrons were just there to simply whack on their fried korean chicken, as they were absolutely yummilicious!

    They have this “second meal” option, where they fry rice with the residual soup base you have left after you are done with your hotpot. The resultant kimchi fried rice… was somewhat unique with an acquired taste that wasn’t exactly what we expected. Thankfully we were already really full at that point and skipped it after tasting. ^^

    Worth noting that they have no pork, no lard and no alcohol. Service was swift and friendly, although their ordering system via our own handphone was tricky and took us some getting used to. But the staff were really helpful to assist us.

    There is a time limit of 90 minutes to enjoy and stuff yourselves with all the sodium laden items. And also note that there is a $10 penalty for food wastage.

    Here is the list of Dookki pricing.

    Adult : $18.80++
    Child : $10.80++ (110 to 130cm)

    Ala Carte : Double Cheese Ring : $9.80++
    Snow Cheese : $6.80++

    Student price : $14.80++
    Lunch price : $15.80++

    Looking for nice Korean hotpot? We recommend Dookki if you are looking for a venue for your gathering with friends and family. Good atmosphere, great food, excellent service.

    Opening Hours

    11:30am – 10pm Daily


    2 Jurong East Central 1, B1-11, Singapore 609731

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    Looking for nice Korean hotpot? We recommend Dooki if you are looking for a venue for your gathering with friends and family. Good atmosphere, great food, excellent service.Korean Topokki Buffet @ Dookki