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    Kolomee Delights: Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen’s MyVillage Magic

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    MyVillage, a cozy haven in Serangoon Gardens, hides a gem within its walls – Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen. On a lazy weekend lunch, we found ourselves lured by the promise of mouthwatering delights within this unassuming mall.

    The Waiting Game: A Queue Worth the Kolomee Wait

    Approaching Tracy’s, a queue snaked its way, hinting at the Kolomee treasure trove inside. Anticipation mixed with impatience as we endured a 20-minute wait just to place our order. The lunchtime buzz and Tracy’s unhurried kitchen pace added another 30 minutes to our wait. Yet, the friendly ambiance kept spirits high, promising a savory reward at the end.

    Stir-Fried Kolomee: A Symphony of Wok-Hei Wonders

    Finally armed with our Kolomee bounty, we eagerly dug in. The noodles, stir-fried to perfection, exuded the aromatic wok-hei essence that makes each bite a journey to noodle nirvana. The strands were generously coated with a sauce that danced on the fine line between savory and slightly sweet, creating a flavor profile that tingled our taste buds with joy.

    The Star of the Show: Yummilicious Noodles

    While the accompaniments played their roles admirably, it was the noodles that took center stage. Perfectly cooked, they absorbed the flavors of the wok hei, creating a symphony of taste that left us craving for more. However, at $8.80 per plate, the portion seemed a tad modest, leaving us with mixed feelings about the value for money.

    Final Verdict: Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen – A Kolomee Haven Worth the Wait

    In conclusion, Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen at MyVillage is a Kolomee haven that delivers on flavor, albeit with a side of patience. The wok-hei-infused noodles are a testament to the culinary expertise hidden within this unassuming eatery. If you’re willing to brave the queues and savor the slow-cooked goodness, Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen promises a Kolomee experience that’s well worth the wait.

    Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen 品記小厨 Opening Hours and Location

    9 am – 9 pm Daily

    Address: 1 Maju Ave, B1-K1 to K5 myVillage, Singapore 556679, myVillage

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