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    Green Chilli Chicken Rice @ Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

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    Located at Sims Vista Market & Food Centre is this stall with green lit stall with huge words stating “Green Chilli Chicken Rice”, and a snakey queue was forming till the middile of the market. It had to be good and so we had to give it a try. This is YumzYumz food review of Green Chilli Chicken Rice.

    Tended by a really friendly old uncle who took our orders with politeness and swiftness any hawker should learn from. We were in queue for almost 20 minutes and noticed how he greeted with every customer with so much passion and energy. When asked if they are open everyday, he responded with “Yes, everyday without fail.”

    “Uncle, we first time try your stall. Your green chilli chicken rice got so nice anot, so good business!”

    He cheekily responded, “Not for me to decide, but you try first, and if not nice, please go and tell your friends.” (everyone bursted into laughter, even the other customers in queue). Such gusto and attitude certainly perked our state of mind and made us eager to give their dish a try.

    Firstly, the green chili sauce right at the top of the chicken. It was sweet, savoury, slightly spicy, crunchy, and addictive. With such uniqueness, no wonder they could make it their selling point. Such simple item of green chili and they made it so damn awesome!

    Along with the green chili was a secondary sauce being drizzled on it, which was probably a dark sweet soy sauce or sorts, that lifted the complexity of their signature green chili condiment. A scope of red chili sauce was added on the side, which was spicy, slight zesty taste to it, most probably from lime, which was really uplifting and nice addition to the already flavourful green chili condiment.

    Next was their chicken thigh, tender, juicy, soaked with the green chili sauce, and tasted extremely delightful. The skin was slightly crispy with its flesh almost falling off the bones. Worth noting was the size of the chicken thigh was larger than our palm. ^^

    On the sides were some fish crackers (Keropok Ikan), which were fluffy, crunchy, and nice to have to add another layer of texture.

    Finally, they use basmati rice which was light, fluffy, a subtle hint of flavouring, not the overpowering seasoning like the traditional chinese chicken rice. Every grain were separated and not clumpy or mushy. It went harmoniously well with the green chili and tasty chicken.

    Oh and not to forget, they unlimited chicken soup which you can help yourself to. It was heavy in ginger and some spices which was really suitable for cold rainy days.

    At $5 a plate, this green chili chicken rice is definitely in a league of their own. As far as we know, no others offer such uniqueness and tasty chicken rice. Highly recommended!

    Do note that they charge 50 cents for more green or red chillies, 50cents for more rice, $2 for rice only, $5 for chicken only with no rice, and their crackers are not for sale on its own. And due to high demand, each person is entitled to only 5 sets.

    Green Chilli Chicken Rice Opening Hours and Location

    10.30am – 1.30pm Daily

    49 Sims Pl, Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, Singapore 380049

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    At $5 a plate, this green chili chicken rice is definitely in a league of their own. As far as we know, no others offer such uniqueness and tasty chicken rice. Highly recommended!Green Chilli Chicken Rice @ Sims Vista Market & Food Centre