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    Grease Galore at Chope Steak: The Unappetizing Tale of the “Crispy Chicken”

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    In the heart of Ang Mo Kio lies a hawker stall that beckons with the promise of hearty delights – Chope Steak. Their intriguingly named “Crispy Chicken” has been the talk of the town, or perhaps more appropriately, the grease-stained tables. We ventured into this greasy gastronomic escapade and discovered a chicken cutlet experience that left us questioning both our taste buds and our choice of dining venue.

    A Side Dilemma: Choices Galore

    Before diving into the clucking chaos, we had to navigate the sea of side dish choices at Chope Steak. From crunchy fresh salad to twister fries, the selection read like a hawker’s version of a tongue-twister. In the end, our stomachs led us to the macaroni & cheese (which turned out to be a cheesy disappointment) and the twister fries (more like twister “ties” to our palates).

    Chicken Cutlet: A Crispy Catastrophe

    Ah, the “Crispy Chicken” – a name that instilled hope of golden-brown, perfectly crispy goodness. But alas, dear readers, appearances can be deceiving. The initial bite revealed a truth that was harder to swallow than a spoonful of chili padi – this cutlet was no crisp revelation. Instead, it was a greasy landslide that had us questioning the integrity of our napkins.

    The meat, thinner than a slice of cucumber, was lost beneath an avalanche of batter. Crispiness, a far-fetched dream, was replaced by an oil-soaked reality. It’s as if the chicken had taken a leisurely swim through a vat of oil before gracing our plates. The result? A cutlet that begged for liberation from its oil-slicked confines.

    Side Showdown: Soggy Twists and Cheesy Flops

    The twister fries, despite their tantalizing name, were anything but thrilling. Soggy and lackluster, they seemed to have surrendered their crispy ambitions to the same oil pit that claimed the chicken. The macaroni & cheese, a beacon of hope, turned out to be an unfortunate case of undercooked pasta swimming in a pool of stubborn cheese – a mismatched duo that even Cupid couldn’t redeem.

    The Heart Attack Helper: A Dollop of Mayhem

    As if the oily orchestra wasn’t enough, Chope Steak decided to up the ante with a generous serving of mayonnaise on the side. A heart attack in a condiment cup, it did nothing to elevate the flavor but managed to send our cholesterol levels skyrocketing just by its presence.

    The Damage Done: Wallet and Taste Buds Weep

    The “Crispy Chicken” debacle set us back $7.50, but the real cost was to our taste buds and our trust in hawker delights. The meal left us with a culinary trauma that could rival a disastrous karaoke performance – memorable for all the wrong reasons.

    Verdict: Chope It Off Your List

    In a world where hawker stalls delight with flavors that dance, Chope Steak’s “Crispy Chicken” stumbled clumsily on the stage. From the lackluster sides to the greasy main act, it was an unappetizing performance that left us craving for the simplicity of a plate of char kway teow.

    So, dear food adventurers, if you find yourself in Ang Mo Kio, steer clear of the “Crispy Chicken” spectacle at Chope Steak. Your taste buds and your waistline will thank you for choosing greener, less oily pastures.

    Chop Steak Ang Mo Kio Opening Hours and Location

    11 am – 11:30 pm Daily

    Address: 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1697 Teck Ghee Court, Singapore 560340, Maxim Stars Coffee Shop

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