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    Aini Muslim Food – Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet

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    Even with long queue and busy with the lunch crowd, Aini Muslim Food still greets every customer politely and cheerfully. What’s more, their nasi goreng ayam penyet was simply amazing!

    Gloriously fried rice with immense wok hei, coupled with crispy fried chicken and bits that will make Long John Silvers blush, this was one of the best dishes we had in a long time.

    Squashed Fried Chicken

    To note, Penyet means “flattened”, hence, the chicken was squashed or crushed, or killed twice, making it tenderer. ^^

    Whether the squashing or marinate made the chicken so damn tender, its up for debate. But one thing is for sure, it was delicately tenderlicious. Tons of crispy bits showered on top of its crispy tumeric infused skin. And if you are looking for healthy parts, you can forget it as it was oily and sinfully delicious.

    Wok Hei Fried Rice

    Nasi goreng, or fried rice, was so intense and aromatic, it assaults the senses ferociously before we knew what hit us. Appearance may not be a display of elegance, but the reddish golden grains of rice, mixed with umami filled eggs, corn and cauliflower bits certainly accentuated its taste.

    Spicy Citrus Chili

    Chili sauce was spicy and chunky, with bits and pieces of chili chunks, seeds, and other ingredients that made it so addictive that you could literally have it just with plain rice. Subtly sweet and slightly sourish due to perhaps lime, it was an absolutely nice touch to an already delectable dish.

    On the sides were some tempeh and fried toufu, which were nice to have for a wider variety to the amazing rice and chicken. There was a small bowl of soup which was infused with ginger and some other spices, which somewhat clears the palate. Finally, we add a begedil which cost $0.70, which was smooth (means oily la ^^) and flavourful.

    At $5.50 for such a huge plate of wonderous meal which hits all the notes right and well, Aini Muslim Food’s Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet is definitely one YumzYumz recommends highly.

    Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet Location

    Address : 44 Holland Drive, #02-14, Singapore 270044

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    In terms of quality or quantity, Aini Muslim Food's nasi goreng ayam penyet is without a doubt amazing and satisfying.Aini Muslim Food - Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet