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    Gelato and Sorbet @ Eaglewings KAP Mall

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    Fancy a fancy looking Gelato or Sorbet when you are at Bukit Timah area? Try Camaca’s Gelato. At first glance, they may look like giant Macaroons. But in fact, they are Gelato/Sorbet capsules. Take your pick from their range of selections, and they will take the capsule, place in it their extruder machine, and out comes your smooth, rich dessert.

    For each Gelato classics, a single cup, which is one capsule, cost $5.50. For a tub, it will be $15.

    Gelato Musang Durian is slightly more expensive. Each single cup is $7.50, whereas a tub cost $22.

    For Sorbet flavours, they have Cranberry/Strawberry and Passion Mango.

    For Gelato flavours, there are Strawberry Latte, Musang King Durian, Roasted Hazelnut, Swiss Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Roasted Oolong, Tiramisu and Lychee Coconut.

    Their Christmas special is the Christmas Edition Gelato which is slightly more expensive at $6.50. It is a mix of cranberry sorbet and jasmine green Tea gelato.

    We tried the Swiss Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, and Christmas Edition Gelato.

    It was so thick, rich and satisfying, especially on a hot day in Singapore.

    Opening Hours

    Daily from 10am to 10pm


    9 King Albert Park, #01-11 / #01-12, Singapore 598332

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    It was so thick, rich and satisfying, especially on a hot day in Singapore.Gelato and Sorbet @ Eaglewings KAP Mall