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    Exploring Mutton Briyani at Al Mubin Restaurant in Hougang: A Mixed Experience

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    In the bustling neighborhood of Hougang, we decided to embark on a culinary adventure and try out the renowned Mutton Briyani at Al Mubin Restaurant, conveniently located right beside the popular Tam Chiak Kopitiam. Known for its Indian cuisine, we had heard mixed reviews about this dish and were curious to experience it firsthand.

    Plating Perfection: Appealing, but…

    The presentation was visually appealing, with a crispy papadam placed in the center of the dish. The colorful spices added a touch of authenticity to the Mutton Briyani, making it look enticing.

    Mushy Rice with Flavorful Notes

    As we dug into the Briyani, we noticed that the rice was a bit mushy, which might not be to everyone’s taste. However, the rice did carry the essence of the flavorful spices and the mutton curry, adding some depth to the overall taste.

    Mutton Curry: A Taste of Authenticity

    The thick and hearty mutton curry was undoubtedly the highlight of the dish. The blend of spices brought a taste of authenticity to each bite, and the warm flavors left a pleasant aftertaste. The curry managed to make up for some of the rice’s shortcomings.

    The Tough Mutton Challenge

    Unfortunately, the mutton pieces didn’t live up to our expectations. They were tough and required a fair bit of effort to chew, which somewhat marred the overall experience. Tender mutton would have significantly improved the dish.

    Egg-citing Addition: A Silver Lining

    On a positive note, the hard-boiled egg served alongside the Briyani was a delightful addition. The creaminess of the egg provided a nice contrast to the bold flavors of the curry.

    Al Mubin: An Excellent Alternative to Overcrowded Tam Chiak Kopitiam

    It’s worth mentioning that Al Mubin Restaurant’s location, right beside the now extremely popular Tam Chiak Kopitiam, offers a fantastic alternative when the kopitiam is overcrowded and you can’t find a seat. Plus, the Mutton Briyani is reasonably priced at just $8.50 per order, making it a convenient and pocket-friendly option.

    Conclusion: A Flavorful Journey with Ups and Downs

    Our experience with Mutton Briyani at Al Mubin Restaurant was a mixed bag. While the plating and curry impressed us, the mushy rice and tough mutton left us wanting more. However, its strategic location right beside the buzzing Tam Chiak Kopitiam offers a fantastic alternative when you can’t find a seat there. If you’re in the mood for a flavorful journey with some hits and misses, Al Mubin’s Mutton Briyani might still be worth a try. Nonetheless, for those seeking a perfect Briyani, you might want to explore other options in Hougang. Ultimately, taste is subjective, and our honest review reflects our personal preferences.

    Al Mubin Opening Hours and Location

    24 Hours Daily

    Address: 212 Hougang St 21, #01-343, Singapore 530212

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    Join us as we share our honest review of Mutton Briyani at Al Mubin Restaurant in Hougang. A flavorful journey with some ups and downs!Exploring Mutton Briyani at Al Mubin Restaurant in Hougang: A Mixed Experience