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    Disappointing Encounter with Beef Sirloin Steak at ASTONS Specialities, VivoCity

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    The Quest for the Perfect Sirloin

    As food lovers constantly in search of the best eats around, our journey led us to ASTONS Specialities at VivoCity, renowned for its hearty American-style dishes at wallet-friendly prices. The star of our culinary adventure? The much-vaunted Prime Sirloin Steak. Priced at a reasonable $20.90, complete with sides of coleslaw and onion rings, our expectations were high. However, what ensued was a tale of culinary misadventures that left us more than a little bemused.

    The Steak: A Tale of Two Seasonings

    Imagine our anticipation as we ordered the beef sirloin steak at a medium-rare doneness, expecting a palm-sized piece of meat seared to perfection. Unfortunately, the reality was a stark contrast. The seasoning, or rather the lack thereof, was bewilderingly bad. A small section of the steak’s exterior hinted at saltiness, but the remainder, including the majority of the sirloin and its interior, was remarkably bland. It was as if the seasoning had taken a detour, leaving the steak behind in its journey of flavour.

    Sides Story: A Missed Opportunity

    Sides can often save the day, adding that extra layer of satisfaction to the main course. However, the onion rings and coleslaw that accompanied our prime sirloin were far from heroic. The onion rings, soggy and served cold, were a letdown, lacking the crispy, golden allure one would expect. Meanwhile, the coleslaw was as mundane as it gets, doing little to uplift the overall dining experience.

    Service with a… Mumble?

    Service can make or break a dining experience, and at ASTONS Specialities, it was unfortunately more of the latter. From witnessing fellow diners bringing their own bubble tea, unchallenged by the oblivious staff, to receiving our order with a barely audible “this lor” when inquiring which dish was which, the service left much to be desired.

    Will We Be Back?

    While ASTONS Specialities at VivoCity boasts a prime location and a promising menu, our encounter with the beef sirloin steak was underwhelming, to say the least. The lack of seasoning, disappointing sides, and indifferent service culminated in an experience we’re not eager to repeat. It seems, for now, our quest for the perfect sirloin continues elsewhere.

    ASTONS Specialities @ Vivocity Opening Hours and Location

    11:30 am – 10 pm Daily

    Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-113, Singapore 098585

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