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    Dim Sum Delights at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen in Takashimaya

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    Embarking on a Flavorful Journey

    Imagine finding yourself in the heart of Takashimaya, a craving for the delectable allure of dim sum pulling you towards Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen. The air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of perfectly steamed and fried treasures waiting to be discovered on their menu.

    Siew Mai with a Fishy Twist: A Culinary Masterpiece

    Our adventure begins with the steamed siew mai, each delicate parcel holding a secret. Bursting with a symphony of flavors, the fish roe adds a touch of the ocean to the succulent filling. At $8.30 per plate, it’s not just dim sum; it’s a culinary masterpiece, leaving our taste buds yearning for more.

    Fluffy Clouds: The Enchanting BBQ Pork Buns

    Soft and pillowy, the steamed BBQ pork buns are a celestial creation. With each bite, the rich BBQ pork filling dances on your palate, leaving you craving the next heavenly mouthful. At $6.50 a serving, it’s a journey to BBQ pork paradise.

    Shrimply Irresistible: Crystal Har Kau’s Delicate Charm

    Enter the world of Crystal Har Kau, where shrimp dumplings become a work of art. Encased in thin, silky skin, the fresh prawns within offer a satisfying crunch. At $8.30 per order, it’s not just a dumpling; it’s a delicate charm that captures the essence of the sea.

    Lotus Leaf Love Affair: A Romance with Glutinous Rice

    The steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf transports us to a realm of sticky, gooey goodness. Marinated chicken chunks and mouthwatering dried shrimps become our culinary companions, creating a love affair with every bite. At $6.30 per order, it’s a romantic rendezvous on a lotus leaf.

    Soup Dumplings to Melt Your Heart: Shanghai Xiao Long Bao’s Warm Embrace

    The steamed Shanghai xiao long bao beckons with a promise of warmth. Silky skin wraps around a piping hot soup, a burst of flavor that melts our hearts with each indulgent $6.80 order.

    Crunchy Cubes: XO Carrot Cake’s Tantalizing Textures

    XO carrot cake arrives in bite-sized cubes, a tantalizing play of textures. Crispy crust gives way to a soft interior, perfectly complemented by the crunch of beansprouts. At $10.80 per order, it’s a symphony of taste and texture in every cube.

    Crispy and Crunchy: Deep-Fried Prawn Dumplings’ Golden Perfection

    Enter the realm of golden perfection with the deep-fried prawn dumplings. A crispy exterior gives way to the crunch of succulent prawn within. At $6.80 per order, it’s a golden journey to crispy bliss.

    Sweet Endings: Baked Egg Tarts’ Divine Conclusion

    Our culinary journey finds a sweet conclusion with the baked egg tarts. A crumbly crust cradles an aromatic custard filling, a divine finale at $5.80 per order.

    The Odd One Out: Scallop and Kelp Congee’s Uncharted Territory

    As with any adventure, there are surprises. The Scallop and Kelp Congee ventures into uncharted territory, with kelp lending an unexpected note. Yet, the Hokkaido scallops, at $12.80 per bowl, offer a comforting anchor, making it an intriguing exploration for the palate.

    Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Opening Hours and Location

    Monday11 am – 10 pm
    Tuesday11 am – 10 pm
    Wednesday11 am – 10 pm
    Thursday11 am – 10 pm
    Friday11 am – 10 pm
    Saturday10:30 am – 10 pm
    Sunday10:30 am – 10 pm

    Address: 391 Orchard Rd, B2-38 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872

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    Embark on a culinary odyssey at Crystal Jade in Takashimaya, where each dim sum dish is a chapter in a flavorful story.Dim Sum Delights at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen in Takashimaya