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    Delicious Delights at Ah Siong Roast Duck: Roasted Chicken Rice with Char Siew in Kovan

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    In the heart of Kovan, nestled within a bustling coffee shop, lies a hidden gem known as Ah Siong Roast Duck. Among the numerous mouthwatering dishes on their menu, one particular dish stands out – the Roasted Chicken Rice with Char Siew. As chicken rice enthusiasts, we couldn’t resist the temptation to try out this hawker stall’s rendition of the classic dish. Join us as we delve into the delightful flavors and inviting aroma of this delectable meal.

    The Art of Tender Roasted Chicken

    When it comes to judging the quality of a chicken rice stall, the true test lies in their chicken breast. A well-made roasted chicken breast is a rare treat, as it is notorious for being the driest and toughest meat. However, at Ah Siong Roast Duck, we were in for a pleasant surprise. Their roasted chicken breast was tender, succulent, and bursting with flavor. It was evident that the chefs knew their craft, as they had expertly mastered the art of preparing tender and delicious roasted chicken.

    Char Siew: A Taste of Perfection

    Aside from the mouthwatering roasted chicken, Ah Siong’s Char Siew was equally delightful. Tender and juicy, the char siew boasted a tantalizing smokiness that elevated its taste to new heights. The accompanying thick gravy sauce complemented the char siew perfectly, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that left us craving for more.

    Grainy Fragrant Rice

    No chicken rice is complete without the essential component – the rice. Ah Siong’s version of the staple was nothing short of perfection. The rice was cooked to the ideal texture – grainy and fluffy, with each grain distinct and separate from the others. Its fragrant aroma teased our senses, promising a delightful gastronomic experience with every mouthful.

    The Magic of the Chili Sauce

    The true essence of chicken rice lies not only in the rice and the meat but also in the accompanying chili sauce. Ah Siong’s chili sauce was slightly runny but packed a punch of flavor. It was the perfect balance of spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness, enhancing the overall taste of the dish. Each spoonful of this delightful sauce provided a satisfying kick that left our taste buds dancing with delight.

    The Verdict: A Filling Meal at an Affordable Price

    Ah Siong Roast Duck’s Roasted Chicken Rice with Char Siew proved to be a delightful culinary experience. At just $4.50 per plate, the portion was generous, leaving us feeling thoroughly satisfied. The meal was quick and simple, making it an excellent choice for a quick lunch or a hearty dinner.


    If you find yourself in Kovan, craving a delicious plate of chicken rice, Ah Siong Roast Duck is the place to be. Their expertly crafted Roasted Chicken Rice with Char Siew will not disappoint. From the tender and succulent roasted chicken breast to the mouthwatering char siew and fragrant rice, each element of the dish has been perfected to create a symphony of flavors. So, why wait? Head over to Ah Siong Roast Duck and treat yourself to a delightful chicken rice experience that will leave you craving for more.

    Ah Siong Roast Duck Location

    Address: 203 Hougang St 21, Singapore 530203

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