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    Dark Side of Bishan Cafeteria’s Black Carrot Cake: A Disappointing Twist on a Classic

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    In the labyrinth of Bishan Cafeteria, we stumbled upon a hidden gem—or so we thought. Our taste buds were about to embark on an unexpected journey at “Da De Pin Fried Carrot Cake,” a nondescript hawker stall we found by chance during a weekend lunch.

    The First Impression

    With no queue in sight, we approached the stall with an air of spontaneity. Little did we know that our off-the-beaten-path discovery would lead us down a road of culinary perplexity, with the mysterious Black Carrot Cake as our unwitting guide.

    The Carrot Cake Conundrum

    As we delved into the $5 portion, our anticipation quickly turned into bewilderment. The carrot cake bits lacked the satisfying crunch we expected, veering more towards a disconcerting mushiness. It was as if the culinary gods had taken an unexpected nap during the preparation.

    Seasoning Snafu

    The dish’s downfall continued with a noticeable absence of seasoning. The flavors, or lack thereof, left us feeling like we were munching on a puzzle missing its crucial pieces. A culinary riddle that remained unsolved throughout our meal.

    The Sweetness Saga

    In the realm of black carrot cakes, sweetness is the beacon guiding us through the delightful experience. Sadly, Da De Pin’s version left us in a flavor desert, with our taste buds desperately searching for a hint of sweetness that never came.

    The Identity Crisis

    The Black Carrot Cake at Da De Pin raised more questions than answers. It left us wondering if we had unwittingly stumbled upon a culinary experiment gone awry. The lack of discernible flavors left our taste buds questioning the very essence of this classic hawker dish.

    Quantity Over Quality

    While the $5 portion was substantial, quantity alone couldn’t salvage the sinking ship of flavor. It was a silent reminder that sometimes, less is more, especially when the “more” is a lackluster rendition of a beloved hawker delight.


    Da De Pin’s Black Carrot Cake is an unsung hero for a reason—it’s best left unsung. A chance encounter turned into a culinary misadventure, and we found ourselves yearning for the comforting embrace of more reliable hawker fare.

    In conclusion, if you happen upon Bishan Cafeteria and find yourself contemplating a visit to Da De Pin Fried Carrot Cake, our advice is to heed the absence of a queue. Your taste buds may just thank you for choosing a more flavorful path.

    Da De Pin Fried Carrot Cake Location

    Address: 514 Bishan St. 13, Singapore 570514

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