Dan’s Steaks – Wagyu Steak

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Looking for a good steakhouse for a well grilled and juicy steak for dinner, we went to Dan’s Steaks at Serangoon Gardens for their Wagyu Steak for this steak review.

Austige Wagyu Hanging Tender

One of the priciest item on Dan’s Steak menu, wagyu steak was stated as Austige Wagyu Hanging Tender at 230g. Plated beautifully and served lukewarm, its crust was gorgeously charred and caramelized.

However, seasoning was rather overlooked and definitely bland tasting. Basics of salt and pepper were perhaps not needed for a good cut of wagyu, but this ain’t the best cut we ever had. Its interior wasn’t marbled in any ways, and tough to chew. Portion was huge and great, but flavour was undoubtedly begging for more. Perhaps their sauces on the sides and bottom were there for a reason.

They had their housemade chimicurri, which was silky and infused with rich herbs and goodness. Chimichurri originated from Uruguay & Argentina, and is the best accompaniment to any barbecued or grilled meats. In this case, yes, it elevated and gave a new lease of life to the wagyu chunks. Next was Dan’s special mustard that had the tangy and pungent taste. Providing the wagyu another level of variant and flavourful dynamism.

Nudged at the bottom of the whole slab of wagyu was a sauce, sweet yet briny. It mixed marvelously with the protein that sums up what we initially thought was unseasoned wagyu. Uncomparable to A1 to A5 wagyu else where, as it lacks any marbling action within. But at least their sauces were spot on and delectable.

Fresh Creamed Spinach

Our choice of side was their fresh creamed spinach, topped with a fried sunny side up. Thick and rich cream that had tender and silky spinach infused in. It was a perfect side to go along with our wagyu main. Sunny side up egg was a treat to go along with the creamy spinach, with its oozing yolk adding another dimension to its texture and flavour.


Priced at $46 an order, wagyu steak was pricey compared to their other items on Dan’s Steaks menu. Portion was filling and perhaps a given at such a price. Ambience at Dan’s Steak was cozy with relaxing music and lighting for a nice night out.

Definitely a good experience trying out Dan’s Steaks wagyu steak. But we will probably get other items on their menu if we were to return.

Dan’s Steaks Opening Hours and Location

Tuesday5:30pm – 10pm
Wednesday5:30pm – 10pm
Thursday5:30pm – 10pm
Friday5:30pm – 10pm
Saturday11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm
Sunday11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm

Address : 12 Maju Ave, Singapore 556690

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Definitely a good experience trying out Dan's Steaks wagyu steak, but we will probably try out other items on their menu if we were to return.Dan's Steaks - Wagyu Steak