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    Dakgalbi @ Hoodadak Korean Restaurant

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    Korean food at Fusionopolis Hoodadak, which always crowded and popular among the office workers in the area. We got ourselves their dakgalbi for this food review.

    A little search and we got to know that dak means chicken, and galbi means ribs. And there isn’t any ribs in this dish. In the past, pork ribs (dweji galbi) were expensive for everyday grilling. Hence restaurants replaced it with similarly flavored dish with chicken and named it dak galbi.

    Hoodadak’s dakgalbi, or stir fried spicy chicken, was served luke warm, sticky and effusive fragrance. Sticky texture with spicy and sweet taste, its exterior were crispy and well caramalized. Topped with sesame seeds and spring onions for garnish and subtle fragrance. Inside flesh were thoroughly cooked and tenderlicious.

    Stated in their menu was its total weight of 180g of spicy sweet chicken, the set comes with rice, the usual soup as well as kimchi. $19 for the quantity was somewhat pricey and not a meal we would get on a daily basis. Too ex la…

    As tasty as Hoodadak’s dakgalbi may be, it was pricey and certainly not extraordinarily tasty and mind blowing.

    Opening Hours

    11am – 2:30pm, 5pm – 10pm Daily


    1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-10 Galaxis, Singapore 138522

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    As tasty as Hoodadak's dakgalbi may be, it was pricey and certainly not extraordinarily tasty and mind blowing.Dakgalbi @ Hoodadak Korean Restaurant