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    Culinary Gem at Holland Drive: The Unmissable Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

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    In the heart of Holland Drive, nestled amongst the vibrant hawker stalls, stands a culinary beacon for all Singaporean food aficionados: Margaret Drive Chicken Rice. This humble stall might not boast the frills and fancies of high-end eateries, but oh, does it pack a punch with its delectable offerings!

    Savouring the Essence of Singapore

    For a dish as seemingly simple as chicken rice, the experience at Margaret Drive transcends the ordinary. Opting for the medium serving at $4.50, we embarked on a gastronomic journey, rich in flavour and authenticity. The generous portions of meat immediately set Margaret Drive apart from its counterparts. Asking for breast meat, often the toughest to perfect, we were eager to judge their mastery.

    More Than Just a Plate of Chicken Rice

    The breast meat, while not the most tender we’ve encountered, was impressively juicy and far from dry. The real star of the show, however, was the rice. Exceptionally tasty, it was everything one desires in the perfect chicken rice: grainy yet soft, aromatic, and absolutely delicious. This base was not just a side but a standout on its own.

    Adorning the plate, sliced cucumbers were scattered with a liberal hand, lending a freshness that balanced the rich flavours beautifully. It transformed this simple dish into a feast for the eyes, adding an authentic touch to the meal.

    A Symphony of Flavours

    No review of Margaret Drive Chicken Rice would be complete without mentioning the homemade chili and ginger sauces. The chili sauce was a lovely concoction of spice and flavour, while the ginger sauce brought a punchy, deep flavour that complemented the chicken and rice perfectly. These condiments elevated the dish from great to extraordinary, encapsulating the robust local flavours Singapore is celebrated for.

    A Must-Visit for Food Lovers

    Margaret Drive Chicken Rice stands as a testament to the fact that great food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. At just $4.50 for a medium plate, it delivers an unmatched culinary experience, rooted deeply in Singaporean culture. This hawker stall is not just selling chicken rice; it’s offering a slice of Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an authentic local flavour explosion!

    Margaret Drive Chicken Rice Opening Hours and Location

    Tuesday11 am – 8 pm
    Wednesday11 am – 8 pm
    Thursday11 am – 8 pm
    Friday11 am – 8 pm
    Saturday11 am – 8 pm
    Sunday11 am – 8 pm

    Address: 40 Holland Dr, Singapore 270040 , Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffeeshop

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