Crispy Puffs @ Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

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One of the famous stalls within Old Airport Road Food Centre, Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff, churns out tasty flaky crispy curry puffs and other unique and addictive puffs.

First off, kudos to the uncle and auntie duo who creates these fabulous simple yet amazing snacks. Furthermore, each batch that they do are always made fresh, hence the long waiting time.

We had a short chat with them which they voiced their frustrations, particularly during this pandemic period.

Although there were many orders when we were there, many customers weren’t willing to wait for freshly made puffs.

The reason for this to happen is due to the no dine-in restrictions, hence there isn’t really a reason for them to wait for 20minutes for puffs. To add on to their frustrations, some customers were being difficult as they don’t want to wait long, and they only wanted a few pieces, questioning why can’t they just get from the other orders.

Come on people. Don’t be a prick. You want freshly made delicious puffs, be nice, be patient and wait for your turn. Be respectful please.

We got 4 of their different types of choices. Original curry chicken, sardine, black pepper chicken, and yam paste fillings.

Their secret is definitely their crust, which makes them so flaky and crispy. Probably made up of different types of dough and meticulous skills of folding them in, resulting in the creation of the unique and addictive crunch. Furthermore, each puff was filled generously within their flaky crust.

As what some might suggest, their crust seems to be too thick. Yes, it may be slightly thicker, but that is because they are handmade, and its not just plain crust, it has a slight savourness to it too. If the purpose is to have the fillings with wafer thin crust, then it would be more sensible to get a plate of black pepper chicken, or even curry chicken from other stalls. ^^

Curry Chicken Filling

Curry wasn’t overtly spicy, somewhat sweet, yet compliments the potatoes and chicken chunks. Chicken chunks were surprisingly tender and juicy, which was far superior compared to other curry puffs out there. And of course wrapped nicely within their amazing crust. Each cost $1.40.

Sardine Puff Filling

Almost bursting out from it’s crust, their sardine filling was slightly sweet and spicy, almost creamy texture, complimenting really well if its crust. Each cost $1.40.

Uniquely Black Pepper Chicken Puffs

We have never had black pepper chicken puffs before, and Wang Wang’s puffs were genuinely tasty and yummy! It had a buttery-liked taste, not overtly peppery yet held a rich and unparalleled intensity. Each cost $1.60.

Yammy Yam Yam Puffs

This was definitely a dessert type, with sweet ol’ sweet yam paste (orh nee), not thick yet creamy and flavourful, it held nicely within the crust and coupled intricately well. Each cost $1.40.


In summary, each flavour brought out its own uniqueness on top of their amazing flaky tasty crust. With Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puffs tasting so fabulous, it is definitely recommended highly by YumzYumz. ^^

Remember, be nice and respectful to these nice people.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff Opening Hours and Location

Tuesday10am – 8pm
Wednesday10am – 8pm
Thursday10am – 8pm
Friday10am – 8pm
Saturday10am – 8pm
Sunday10am – 8pm

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Each flavour at Wang Wang Puff brought out its own uniqueness on top of their amazing flaky tasty crust. Recommended!Crispy Puffs @ Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff