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    Claypot Rice @ New Lucky Claypot Rice

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    New Lucky Claypot Rice has been a frequent listing on the Michelin Bib Gourmand for multiple years. YumzYumz tries out and reviews if their claypot rice is really that good.

    First off, if you do not have spare time to wait, it is highly recommended that you do not try it. They have a disclaimer signage that states that waiting time during non-peak is around 30 to 45minutes. It will be 60 to 90 minutes during peak and during VERY peak period will be may need another 10 to 20minutes. So be warned.

    We got ours after 20 minutes or so, where we ordered at 11am during a weekday.

    It came steaming hot, with a charring aroma. Mixing in the accompanying dark soy sauce and oil to our preference to their fragrant rice. Although at first glance the rice was slightly wet, but after mixing it all up, it was perfectly mixed and dry. As the claypot was still scorching hot, the rice at the bottom was still charring and burnt.

    However, to every claypot fan, the charred rice is actually one of the essence to a great claypot rice. Mixed it all up and it tasted amazing. Rice was not soggy, not mushy, not clumpy, but perfectly cooked. Probably a mixture of different grains to achieve this awesome consistency.

    Next was their chicken chunks. It tasted saltish and had a tremendously tender texture. Flavour and texture, checked.

    Chinese sausage slices were soft and fragrant, unlike some other claypot rice which are tough to chew on.

    Finally, its salted fish bits added the final addition to this yummilicious creation.

    Worth noting was their lacklustre attitude, almost seemingly rude. We did not had a pleasant experience during order taking nor when the food was served. And after we had our condiments added, it was taken away and given to other customers. We noticed that the same jars were rotated among the other customers. As wanted alittle more, we went back to the stall for another set of condiment jars. A nudge of the head to acknowledge our request, but was told to bring it back. Lets just say it was less than a welcoming order. meh….

    Here is their pricing.
    2 Pax : $15
    3 Pax : $20
    4 Pax : $25

    Bear in mind though that we got the $15 order, and it was quite a huge portion.

    In summary, claypot rice at New Lucky Claypot Rice was great in terms of quality and quantity, but severely lacking in basic etiquettecy.

    Opening Hours

    11am to 1pm, 5pm to 8pm daily.


    44 Holland Dr, #02-19, Holland Drive Market & Food Center, 270044

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    In summary, claypot rice at New Lucky Claypot Rice was great in terms of quality and quantity, but severely lacking in basic etiquettecy.Claypot Rice @ New Lucky Claypot Rice