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    Chinese Rojak @ Rojak Popiah & Cockle

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    Brightly lit store front, their stall name is exactly what they are selling Rojak, Popiah and cockles. We tried their chinese rojak at this is what we thought of it.

    The rojak sauce was thick, creamy and heavy on the prawn paste. The usual ingredients were added such as ginger flower slices, beansprouts, pineapple chunks, cucumbers, etc.

    However, what makes them special is their you tiao. Their deep fried fritters tasted so awesome. Unlike others whose youtiaos are just toasted and cut up, their you tiaos exterior was heavily caramelized, giving it an amazing crunchy and sweet taste. And with the rojak’s sauce, it adds an extra layer of tastiness.

    At $3 a plate, they are really generous with the grounded peanut toppings, covering almost every inch of the dish.

    This rojak dish really makes a delightful side dish addition on any day.

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    1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

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    This rojak dish really makes a delightful side dish addition on any day.Chinese Rojak @ Rojak Popiah & Cockle