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    Chicken Steak Omurice @ Tamago-EN

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    Fluffy egg omelette on buttery rice, with tenderlicious chicken cutlet. We take a look at Tamago-EN’s chicken steak omurice in this food review.

    Served on a sizzling hot plate, omellet atornado like shape, soft and fluffy, enveloping buttery fluffy yummy short grain rice.

    Chicken chop or what they call chicken steak, had a layer of crispy crust, followed by tender and savoury inside, well marinated and delicious. Portion was huge and filling.

    On the sides was a demi-glaced sauce for us to pour on. Thick in consistency and amazingly rich in flavour, tasty and coupled perfectly with the butter rice and silky omellete.

    One of the best part was the slightly charred rice on the hot plate, elevating its flavour and texture, yummilicious!

    At $13.90 an order, Tamago-EN’s chicken steak omurice is filling, tasty, and definitely can eat! Recommended.

    Opening Hours

    11am to 10pm Daily


    3 Temasek Blvd, B1 170/171, Singapore 038983

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    At $13.90 an order, Tamago-EN's chicken steak omurice is filling, tasty, and definitely can eat! Recommended.Chicken Steak Omurice @ Tamago-EN