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    Char Siu Rice Delight at Char Siu Lang: A Culinary Haven in Ang Mo Kio

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    Are you a fan of Chinese barbecued pork? If so, you’re in for a treat at Char Siu Lang, a delightful hawker stall nestled in the heart of Ang Mo Kio. Renowned for its mouthwatering char siew rice, this hidden gem offers a delightful twist by also serving succulent roasted chicken. Join us as we embark on a culinary adventure and uncover the flavors that make Char Siu Lang a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

    A Flavorful Journey

    As we approached Char Siu Lang, the aroma of smoky goodness filled the air, enticing our taste buds with its irresistible allure. Moreover, the menu boasted an array of tempting options, but our focus was on the legendary char siew rice. Traditionally served with white rice, Char Siu Lang’s version came with their special “oil rice.” To our delight, it was fluffy, grainy, and perfectly separated, avoiding the common pitfall of mushiness or clumpiness.

    The Highlight: Char Siew

    The star of the show, the char siew meat, was a testament to the stall’s culinary prowess. Each bite transported us to a sizzling barbecue pit, where the flavors melded into a symphony of perfection. Additionally, the tender meat, coated in a glaze of charred and caramelized goodness, was simply divine. The cuts, though not overly chunky, were still generously sized and satisfyingly bite-sized. What set Char Siu Lang apart was the interactive experience—they proudly displayed a chart allowing customers to choose the desired level of fattiness for their cuts. Opting for the half fatty option, we were rewarded with a harmonious ratio that left us craving for more.

    Beyond Char Siew: Roasted Delights

    Char Siu Lang’s offerings extended beyond their signature char siew. We couldn’t resist trying their sio bak, or roasted pork. The skin crackled with a delightful crunch, releasing an explosion of savory bliss with each bite. Moreover, the tender and succulent meat complemented the rice perfectly, creating a symphony of flavors that danced on our palates.

    To our surprise, their roasted chicken was an unexpected delight. Typically, breast meat tends to be dry and tough, but Char Siu Lang defied the odds. The breast meat was incredibly tender, a testament to their culinary expertise. Furthermore, the roasted chicken skin, with its subtle charring and delectable greasiness, elevated the dish to new heights.

    The Finishing Touch: Flavorful Accompaniments

    No char siew rice experience would be complete without the right accompaniments. Char Siu Lang excelled in this aspect as well. The runny yet rich char siew sauce enveloped each morsel of meat, enhancing its flavor profile. And let’s not forget the chili sauce—a thick, spicy concoction that added a fiery kick and an uplifting element to the entire meal.

    Affordability and Options Galore

    Char Siu Lang offered a range of affordable options to suit every appetite. A plate of char siew rice, sio bak rice, or roast chicken rice cost only $4.50 each. For those seeking variety, any two types of meat could be enjoyed for just $5.50. Moreover, if you wanted to experience the full spectrum of their flavors, the all-inclusive option of char siew rice, sio bak rice, and roast chicken rice was available for a mere $7.50. To cater to different preferences, patrons had the choice of pairing their chosen meats with either rice or noodles—an added bonus to an already remarkable dining experience.

    Visit Char Siu Lang Today!

    If you find yourself in Ang Mo Kio with a craving for delectable char siew rice and more, make sure to head straight to Char Siu Lang. Their mastery of flavors, tender meats, and delightful accompaniments will leave you yearning for more. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey that will satisfy even the most discerning food lover.

    Char Siu Lang Opening Hours and Location

    Monday11 am – 6 pm
    Tuesday11 am – 6 pm
    Thursday11 am – 6 pm
    Friday11 am – 6 pm
    Saturday11 am – 6 pm
    Sunday11 am – 6 pm

    Address: 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1697, Singapore 560340

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