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    Candied Bacon Waffle @ Atlas Coffeehouse

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    Famous cafe at Bukit Timah, diagonally opposite Adam Road Food Centre, we made our Atlas Coffeehouse visit and had their Candied Bacon Waffle for this food review.

    The alluring aroma when it was served was absolutely intoxicating. Waffles were made with buttermilk, sweet and crispy, letting off a crunchy sound when sliced. Drizzled on top were caramelizing maple syrup to increase the sweetness dosage. Following that were 3 thick and long slices of candied bacon, which were extremely sweet, almost like bak kwa, but way sweeter, with a chewy texture. Finally, a scoop of vanilla icecream, the type where you could see the tiny black vanilla beans within, the final sugary dosage.

    For $15.50 a plate, Atlas Coffeehouse’s Candied Bacon Waffle was the absolute dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Atlas Coffeehouse Opening Hours & Location

    Tuesday8am – 7pm
    Wednesday8am – 7pm
    Thursday8am – 7pm
    Friday8am – 7pm
    Saturday8am – 7pm
    Sunday8am – 7pm

    6 Duke’s Rd, Singapore 268886

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    For $15.50 a plate, Atlas Coffeehouse's Candied Bacon Waffle was the absolute dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.Candied Bacon Waffle @ Atlas Coffeehouse