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    Morning Delight: McDonald’s Breakfast Bagel Review

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    Mcdonald’s all new breakfast item, McDonald’s Bagel was launched 3 November, and will end on 7 December 2022. We took the plunge and tried it out on the first weekend of its launch for this food review.

    Springy and slightly tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Mcdonald’s wholemeal bagel bun was refreshing other than their fluffy buns or tough mcmuffins. With a hole in the middle we could see the cheddar cheese oozing out from the top, and white cheddar cheese from the bottom.

    Both cheese tasted almost the same as we cant tell any distinct difference. It was all mashed together along with their chicken roll, egg and mushrooms. Besides the unique bagel buns, it was the mushrooms that made it special for us. It reminded us perhaps slightly to Burger King’s mushroom swiss. The overall McDonald’s bagel was delish and satisfying. A $7.25 set with ice milo and hashbrown rounded up the meal. If you are keen on the bagel alone, it cost $5 for one.

    Be nice to whom serves you food

    Aside from the bagel, the frenzy Mcdonald’s created with this new creation was astonishing and brought out the best of Singaporeans. We witnessed counter top pounding and shouting when the waiting time was too much for some to handle. Food delivery men were shouting for the manager on wasting their 1hour wait, customers were screaming to be served as their queue numbers were skipped.

    It can be branded as being self entitled and rude, but can we blame them when the waiting time was an hour or more for some. We had to wait for an hour and 4 minutes. However, shouting and table banging with kids around is definitely not acceptable. Least to say spoiling the mood for many, and disrespecting the McDonald’s staff who were just doing their best serving us food. Lets all practice some self restraint and control our emotions. If you can’t wait, go for a walk and come back. It ain’t worth throwing tantrums over a happy meal. Be happy! ^^

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    The overall McDonald's bagel was delish and satisfying. A$7.25 set with ice milo and hashbrown rounded up the meal. If you are kind on the bagel alone, it cost $5 for one.Morning Delight: McDonald's Breakfast Bagel Review