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    Bento Blues on the Bullet Train: The Rollercoaster Ride of Delica Station’s Special Makuno Gozen

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    Ah, the Shinkansen bullet train—a marvel of speed and efficiency. As we embarked on our journey from Osaka to Tokyo, the excitement was palpable. What better way to complement this adventure than with a Bento box? The lure of Delica Station’s Special Makuno Gozen, priced at a hefty 1500 yen, proved irresistible. Little did we know that our taste buds were in for a wild ride.

    The Grand Display: Tempting the Palate

    The first glimpse of the Makuno Gozen was promising. An array of delights awaited us in the compartmentalized glory of the bento box. Vibrant colors, meticulously arranged—it was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

    Brazenly Bland Braised Radish

    Our culinary expedition hit an early bump with the braised radish, a tasteless companion that left us questioning its purpose. It seemed more like a prop than a flavorful addition, a silent spectator in this gastronomic drama.

    Cardboard or Culinary? The Mystery Meat Patty

    What was labeled as a meat patty turned out to be a culinary impostor—reminiscent of cardboard in texture and taste. A daring attempt at avant-garde cuisine perhaps, but we were left appalled and downright disgusted.

    Clam Misadventure: Lost in Translation

    The attempt to incorporate clams onto rice balls missed the mark, leaving us wondering if they were, in fact, clams. The flavor, or lack thereof, failed to evoke the oceanic delight we had hoped for. A seafood misadventure, to say the least.

    Yucky Veggies and Mismatched Tempura Prawn

    Beans and veggies took the plunge into the realm of unpleasantness, with flavors that can only be described as “yucky.” The tempura prawn, a beacon of hope, disappointed as it revealed itself as a sliver of mushy shrimp drowning in excessive batter.

    Saving Grace: Rice Ball Respite

    Amidst the culinary chaos, the rice balls emerged as the unsung heroes of this bento drama. Nicely seasoned and truly enjoyable, they provided a respite from the disappointments that surrounded them.

    Conclusion: A Pricey Journey Not Worth the Ticket

    At 1500 yen, the Special Makuno Gozen proved to be a gastronomic gamble that left us yearning for something safer—perhaps a trusty katsu sando would have saved the day. The bento journey on the Shinkansen, while adventurous, ended on a note of regret.

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    Buckle up for a bento adventure! Discover the highs and lows of Delica Station's Special Makuno Gozen on the Shinkansen journey from Osaka to Tokyo.Bento Blues on the Bullet Train: The Rollercoaster Ride of Delica Station's Special Makuno Gozen