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    Bei-Ing Wonton Noodle 美樱雲吞麵 at Roxy Square: A Flavorful Noodle Dish Review

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    Are you tired of the usual wanton noodles and looking for something different in the Katong area? Look no further than Bei-Ing Wonton Noodles. In this food review, we tried their unforgettable wanton noodles and were impressed by their unique plating style.

    Unlike other wanton noodle stalls, Bei-Ing serves their fried wantons on top of the noodles, almost covering the entire plate. The fried wantons were crispy and had sufficient fillings inside, providing a crunchy texture to the dish. The noodles themselves were thicker than usual, but still springy and chewy, holding up the rich and creamy consistency sauce mix.

    One of the standout features of Bei-Ing’s wanton noodles is their char siew, which was the main star of the dish. Though it had a higher ratio of lean meat to fat, it was incredibly tender and juicy. The sweet yet savory flavor with velvety smooth texture was an absolute delight to our taste buds.

    Bei-Ing’s friendly and warm service also adds to the overall dining experience. The boss uncle, who shouts out queue numbers with parade commander-worthy level, manages to interact with every customer with a courteous demeanor. It’s no wonder that Bei-Ing Wonton Noodles has such good business – it’s the type of place you wouldn’t mind visiting every day.

    We ordered the large size for $7, which was a generous serving that left us feeling satisfied. If you’re looking for a unique twist on wanton noodles, head over to Bei-Ing at Roxy Square. Highly recommended!

    Bei-Ing Wonton Noodle Opening Hours and Location

    Monday11am – 4:30pm
    Tuesday11am – 4:30pm
    Wednesday11am – 4:30pm
    Thursday11am – 4:30pm
    Friday11am – 4:15pm
    Saturday11:30am – 4:30pm
    Sunday11am – 4:30pm

    50 East Coast Road, #01-64 Roxy Square Food Court, Singapore 428769

    They have another nearby outlet at 396 E Coast Rd, The Bullion Hawker Bar, Singapore 428994.

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    For such quality wanton noodles at Bei-Ing at Roxy Square, no wonder they have such good business. We can have this everyday! Recommended!Bei-Ing Wonton Noodle 美樱雲吞麵 at Roxy Square: A Flavorful Noodle Dish Review