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    Bak Chor Mee @ Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee

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    If you want good, tasty soup bak chor noodles (肉脞面), where will you head to? To the east of Singapore of course. There is this stall in Eunos, that is really famous, and its stall name is Famous bak chor mee. So definitely famous ya? But is it good or just a hype? After tasting it, it sure was good and definitely deserves its title of being famous.

    The noodles were chewy and firm, not soggy and clumpy. Unlike most other minced meat noodle stalls, they use a different kind of noodles that are more suitable for bak chor mee.

    It certainly plays a part of creating such a masterpiece. However, the main star of this bowl of goodness is actually the soup.

    Soup with Substance

    Every spoon was full of minced meat bits, and the soup itself was infused with an intense flavour. The fresh pork elevated the already delightful soup, and along with subtle fried garlic taste complimenting every single mouthful.

    The huge fried pork lard pieces were light, crunchy and adds depth and texture to the bowl of goodness.

    For $3.50 a bowl, you get a the noodles, soup teaming with minced meat, and a few deliciously made wantons. The well marinated fillings adds another layer of flavour to the whole bowl of yummilicious noodles.

    Fishball Soup & Dumpling Soup

    They do offer handmade fishballs soup ($4.50) and dumpling soup ($4). The dumplings are actually the wantons you get in your bak chor mee, so don’t mistaken it for other types of dumplings. The fishballs were bouncy and tasted quite good.

    Should you try this?

    This is definitely a must have for any bak chor mee fans out there. For what they are offering, it is difficult to see how a bowl of bak chor mee can be further improved with what they are offering. Yummy!

    Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee Opening Hours & Location

    6am–7:30pm Daily

    Hong Lee Coffeeshop, 7 Eunos Cres, Singapore 400007

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    Famous bak chor mee has certainly one of the best bak chor mee in Singapore with its irresistible soup base and fluffy minced pork. Yummy!Bak Chor Mee @ Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee