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    Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee: A Heavenly Combination of Char Siew and Savory Wanton Noodles

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    For over 20 years, Ah Wing Wanton Mee has been a favorite among foodies for their delectable char siew wanton noodles. We had to try it for ourselves and share our experience in this wanton mee food review.

    Unlike most wanton mee in Singapore, Ah Wing’s noodles have a distinct touch, perhaps due to the owners’ Hong Kong origins. The usual thin mee kia noodles were springy and paired perfectly with their unique sauce mix. Not too thick nor greasy, the sauce was harmonious with a runny consistency and a rich presence of soy sauce that resembled soya sauce chicken. Interestingly, they used to sell soya sauce chicken noodles but discontinued. However, their wanton noodles had a familiar take on the old menu item that was both refreshing and unique.

    The ample-sized wantons were filled with briny goodness, paired with char siew that was beautifully charred and not overly sweet. Each slice of char siew was chunky and had a well-balanced taste that left us wanting more. Although most of the char siew was lean, it was still tender and moist, as if it had been marinated for hours before being charred.

    The uncle who runs the stall was incredibly friendly, addressing and interacting with every customer in a courteous manner. At $3.50 (or $4.50 for a larger serving), the portion was sufficient for any hungry foodie.

    With its beautiful sauce mix, springy noodles, and irresistible char siew and wantons, Ah Wing’s wanton mee has earned our approval and recommendation.

    Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee Opening Hours and Location

    Tuesday8am – 2pm
    Wednesday8am – 2pm
    Saturday8am – 2pm
    Sunday8am – 2pm

    Address : 7 Empress Rd, #01-108, Singapore 260007

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    Beautiful sauce mix with springy noodles and irresistible char siew and wantons, Ah Wing's wanton noodles has no doubt earned our approval.Ah Wing's Wanton Mee: A Heavenly Combination of Char Siew and Savory Wanton Noodles