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    Aged to Perfection: The Korean Grilled Aged Pork Craze at GO K BBQ, Bukit Timah Plaza

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    A Tale of Korean Aged Pork in the Heart of Bukit Timah Plaza

    In the bustling Bukit Timah Plaza, GO K BBQ shines as a beacon of authentic Korean cuisine. Our food adventure featured two stars: the MokSal Set, a superb aged pork neck, and the DwaeJi Galbi Set, a wonderfully marinated pork dish, both at an appealing price of $24.90. We paired these with hearty Kimchi Jjigae and comforting steamed egg for a complete feast.

    The Aged Pork Neck: A Symphony of Flavours

    The MokSal Set offered aged pork neck, subtly seasoned for a deep, rich taste with a caramelised exterior. Served in fresh lettuce, Korean-style, it delivered an exceptionally satisfying bite. Generous portions left us fully content.

    The Marinated Pork: A Savoury Delight

    In contrast, the DwaeJi Galbi Set showcased another aspect of Korean culinary skill. Its sweet and savoury marinade offered a delightful counterpoint to the aged pork, standing strong on its own merits.

    Accompaniments That Elevate the Meal

    Our meals came with rice mixed with ginko nuts, chestnuts, and a date, creating a sweet, nuanced flavour that lifted the entire dining experience. The rich Kimchi stew and simple steamed egg added layers to our meal.

    An Experience Beyond Food

    GO K BBQ also offered a unique DIY egg frying station, adding a fun, personal touch to our visit at no extra cost. The complimentary coffee, iced or hot, brought a touch of premium café luxury to our lunch.

    Reflections on Our Culinary Journey

    Our visit to GO K BBQ was more than just dining; it was an immersive culinary journey. The aged pork neck and marinated pork showcased the restaurant’s dedication to authentic Korean flavours. With exceptional service, outstanding food, and a blend of modern and traditional ambiance, our experience left us keen for our next visit.

    GO K BBQ Opening Hours and Location

    12 pm – 3 pm, 5:30pm – 10:30 pm Daily

    Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit Bukit Timah Plaza, #02-24C, 588996

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