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    3 Sisters Prawn Noodles: A Must-Try Dish at Mayflower Market and Food Centre

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    At 3 Sisters Prawn Noodles, warm your soul with their deep and intense prawn soup. Their striking signage makes them easy to spot, and the warm and friendly greetings from the staff confirm their reputation for both great food and customer service.

    For just $3.50, you get a bowl of goodness that includes five fresh prawns, sliced pork, fish cakes, veggies, bean sprouts, and crispy fried shallots. The sauce mix is a perfect complement to the other ingredients, and the intense prawn broth covers every bit that enters your mouth.

    The broth has a rich and deep flavor that is simply delicious. If you’re looking for a bit of extra heat, adding a piece of chili padi will give you a spicy kick that takes the dish to another level.

    Overall, 3 Sisters Prawn Noodles is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for an affordable and tasty meal. With its friendly staff, delicious food, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great choice for anyone in the area.

    3 Sisters Prawn Noodles Opening Hours and Location


    Address : 162 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-06, Singapore 560162

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    Warm your soul with deep intense flavourful prawn soup at 3 Sisters Prawn Noodles. It is difficult to miss them with their striking signage. Their warm and friendly greetings affirms their good reputation of not only having fantastic food, but customer relations.3 Sisters Prawn Noodles: A Must-Try Dish at Mayflower Market and Food Centre